Kiss of Death: The Kurse of the Kardashian Klan

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We’ve watched Scott Disick, who came from an affluent family and was a witty business man become a sorry drunk of a dad to his three kids. Scott, who was the long-time boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, became a repeat offender in making an idiot out of himself. Granted, he watched both his parents die just months apart from each other, but to watch him sharply decline in the eyes of us all is a damn shame. Lamar Odom also found himself in a similar situation as Disick. After being married to Khloe Kardashian, Odom’s life was good at first. He was named Sixth Man of the Year for the Lakers and won several championships with the squad. Once he was traded to Dallas, everything went downhill. He fumbled on his relationship with Khloe by cheating and falling into a nasty depression, which consisted of heavy drugs. Sadly, Odom found himself on his deathbed several months ago after taking a slew of drugs at the Bunny Ranch in Vegas. The once-talented ball player is now a shell of himself.

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The person who has been swamped with the most problems and struggles is Caitlyn Jenner. For years, she suffered through Kris’ abusive behavior. Her dominant attitude crippled her mentally and left terrible scars on her mentally. It’s sad that she feels completely free and alive after she transitioned and exited the relationship with Kris. Lastly, is Tyga. It was really a toss-up last year as far as who took the most L’s between Tyga and Meek. Like seriously, the embattled rapper found himself dating an underaged girl, texting a 14-year-old teen, watching his album flop, enduring his baby mama fry him on social media, and then some. .

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Hopefully, the love between Tyga and Kylie can last until the end of time, because Tyga needs a W badly right about now. SHARE this with your friends.

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