Meek Mill Talks About Past Opioid Addiction and Nicki Minaj

Meek Mill Talks About Past Opioid Addiction and Nicki Minaj

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Today, May 10, Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club dropped their latest interview with Meek Mill. The interview comes just two weeks after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered Meek’s immediate release from jail on unsecured bail. Among the topics discussed over the hour-long interview, Meek talked about his experience with opioid addiction and how he holds no hard feelings towards Nicki Minaj after their split.

At about 27 minutes into the interview, Charlamagne asks Meek about a failed drug test that resulted in a parole violation back in 2015. According to TMZ, Meek Mill had allegedly presented a drug test technician with a cup of cold water instead of a urine sample for a drug test. Meek apparently told the technician that that his pee looked that way because he had consumed a lot of water that day, and that he drank protein shakes that made his pee look like water. Nicki Minaj, who he was dating at the time, backed up Meek by telling the presiding judge that Meek was drug-free and that if she had known the protein shake would have had that effect, she would not let him have drink it.

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Responding to Charlamagne’s question, Meek told a slightly different story than what he told the judge back in 2015:

Yeah, I actually was addicted to drugs. I got addicted to the drugs… You become famous, and you become the only one from your family tree that’s seeing money out of your whole area… It’s a lot of pressures that come with that. A lot of these celebrities, they come with pressures… I was actually going to the dentist, I got two of my wisdom teeth pulled, and I started taking them at the time. Later on, a girl gave me a perc. ‘Yeah, this gon’ have you [having sex] for hours!

After noting that he had never tried the drug Molly in his life because it was a man-made drug, Meek said he thought of Percocet differently because it was something a doctor would prescribe as medicine. Meek referenced how his upbringing helped him stay away from hard drugs after he saw the tolls it took on family and friends, but said the medicinal background of the drug helped him consider it differently.

Meek became addicted to Percocet while still on probation, so when he failed a drug test administered by his probation officer, they offered him treatment for his addiction. Meek accepted, but under the condition that he would not have to undergo treatment in a group, because he felt that he would truly be able to deal with the problem in such an environment. After detoxing from the drug, he says that he never took Percocets again. Meek adds that he wasn’t addicted for the entirety of parole, but got into them out of the rough times he went through.

Directly after discussing his drug addiction, the subject of Nicki Minaj is brought up. Meek talks about how he has no problems with anyone at the moment, which includes Nicki Minaj and any of his other past relationships. Still, Meek Mill expressed his discontent for comments made by Nicki in an interview she did with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 back in April. In the interview, Nicki says that the controversial judge presiding over Meek’s case “did everything asked of her”. Meek interpreted the statement to be her support of the judge’s decision to incarcerate him.

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Even though there may be a bit of lingering friction between Meek and Nicki, it doesn’t seem like either of them are trying to cause any problems with each other. While Meek is out of jail for now, he’s still facing a retrial for his two to four-year sentence on a probation violation. You can read up on all the developments in Meek Mill’s case here. Stay tuned for more Meek Mill updates, and don’t forget to SHARE this article!

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