Can Michael Jackson Rest In Peace ?

Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell have been lisyed among Jeffrey Epstein’s associates. Newly revealed records connected to the late sex offender were made public on Wednesday, January 3. They show some prominent celebs’ shocking link to the former financier.

The late King of Pop and the supermodel were mentioned in the initial batch of sealed court files. They were amongst other well-known names such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew. However, neither the singer nor the model were charged with any misconduct.

The deposition detailed an alleged victim’s encounter with MJ. According to the testimony, the “Thriller” singer was present at Epstein’s home in Palm beach but did not receive a massage from an underage girl.


Another part of the document revealed an alleged victim’s testimony that she was sent to have sex. The suitor would be the owner of a large hotel chain in France by Epstein’s partner Ghislaine Maxwell. This was around the same time Campbell had a birthday party. The document, however, didn’t mention if Epstein or the alleged victim brushed shoulders with Campbell at the time.

The mention of many of the names was brief. According to a witness statement included in the file, Epstein “would be on the phone a lot at that time, and one time he said, ‘Oh, that was Leonardo, or that was Cate Blanchett or Bruce Willis.'” that kind of thing.

According to reports, Epstein had some sort of relationship with Trump, Clinton, and Prince Andrew. During their photo shoot, Johanna Sjoberg, one of the victims on the list, said that Prince Andrew made lighthearted contact with her breast. Though no specific charges were brought against Clinton, one victim remembered an exchange between the former president of the United States and Epstein in which he indicated that Clinton “likes them young,” a reference to young ladies.

This whole ordeal is out of control if you ask me.

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