Rapsody Raps About Being Fatherless In New Music Video ‘The Man’

Rapsody has been buzzing on the blogs for a few years now, but thanks to her guest appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s new album To Pimp A Butterfly the talented femcee might finally start getting the mainstream love she deserves. The lyricist capitalizes on her current spotlight by dropping a music video for ‘The Man,’ a story-telling joint from her 2014 release Beauty and the Beast. The song describes the rapper’s life growing up fatherless, and dismissing the idea of her dad having any form of manhood. Watch the visuals above, and check out her letter to her “father” below.


I want to start this off by saying, I made it without you. And please do not perceive this open letter to be anything other than to acknowledge that. I made it. I am not writing this because I am bitter I am actually numb. I just want you to know that, because of you I am more of a man than you could ever be. As a matter of fact I would like to change the title. Lets call it, Open Letter to the Coward of a Person That Impregnated My Mother. I cant even identify your actions as that of a man. In my lifetime, I have been introduced to many men who played the part. From teachers, to preachers, to the corner store guy who gave me a bag of Doritos when I was hungry. I got mentors! All of these people (and more) shaped me to the man I am today. You, sir, had nothing to do with it.

I have to pause, because I feel as if you are still going to misconstrue this as a diss. Not even close. If this letter comes off aggressive, it is only because of the aggressiveness I had to learn while I navigated these streets. This aggression is what helped me survive. My skin is hard my hair is hard and my heart has been hardened. Plenty beat-downs and fights taught me that. I have to laugh, because your absence helped me develop a good scrap game. This gave me confidence and I actually learned that if I wanted something..I had to take it. That theory got me in jail for 2 years. No need to go into that, because I have moved on. I am no longer that man. I am a man that is now holding down a job. I am now a man who has two beautiful daughters that you will never see. I am a man that believes that a strong work-ethic can get me places. I am a man that believes that the sky is the limit. I am a man that helps other boys learn that life has more to offer if you have your priorities straight. I got nothing but respect for my lost boys in the streets I was one of them. Now I lead them. But not because of any help from your ass. My anger fueled me.

The last time we talked I asked you a question. I was really nave. Do you remember? I asked if you were coming back. Yeah, I was really nave. At 8 years old, I thought you were really going to come back. Do you remember your answer? I do you said YES. That was the last time I smiled for or because of you. Now I have nothing but a numb hatred. The kind of hatred that makes me want ..nevermind. Its not worth it. If I wanted to get you, I would have the last time I saw you. Yeah I saw you. You were with another woman and another child. Im glad to know that somebody gets a piece of you. I just hope they know who you really are.you are dead to me.

I wish you all the worst of conditions. Mainly because you left us in the worst of conditions. You should know that my mother would have done anything to make you stay. I remember the tears from hear and feeling helpless. All I could do is lay beside her and for days I lost a father and a mother. What kind of bastard must your father have been? What kind of role model was my grandfather.I mean, grandperson?! What did he teach you about love and about family? Did he try to make you a man? Mission not accomplished.

The more I write, the more enraged I become. I hate you with a passion. I truly hope you fucking die alone. I have no emotions left to give, but wish I had one minute with you alone in a room. I swear I have nothing left. But I will put all of my energy into building MY family. I will make sure MY mother wants for NOTHING. I will make sure MY daughters have all they need. Im not perfect, but I am a success story. Thanks for nothing


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