‘Ready To Die’ 20th Anniversary, Lil Cease Describes A Day In The Life Of The Notorious B.I.G

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In honor of the 20th Anniversary of  Ready To DieLil Cease takes us on a tour through The Notorious B.I.G’s old stomping grounds, including a trip to the fried chicken spot. During the video, Lil Cease recalls BIG’s desires to remain humble and not let the fame get to his head. The former Junior Mafia member is quoted as saying,

“He just wanted to be a humble dude. He just liked to just—He never let the shit get to his head. He ain’t want that. He knew where he was at at a certain time when ‘Big Poppa’ came out. Like ‘Alright, I’m a star.’ He knew that, but I think he still just wanted to be cool and still maintain and be real with the people. Like ‘Alright, yeah I’m a star, but I ain’t too good to do this shit.’ Whenever we used to have problems sometimes or if something go wrong in the city. We used to have to go and get the guns and get shit like that. We used to have to get on the train. We’ll put ‘em in the shoebox. Put it in the sneaker box and sit right here. And we’ll go take that trip.”

During the video, Lil Cease takes us back to when he first met BIG,

“First time I met Big I was actually about six or seven and I was on my way to school. I was going to public school. And he was right here on Fulton Street, which is the block over…And I was on my way to school. And I was like—I said ‘What’s up’ to him. And he was like ‘What you doing?’ I said ‘I’m on my way to school.’ I was like ‘Let me get a dollar or something. Get me some candy when I get to school.’ He gave me like two dollars. And that was like my first introduction of B.I.G.”

This short video sheds a little light on the life of The Notorious B.I.G , and what would’ve been his daily routine. Cease describe the rapper as “a person who wanted to stay grounded ” and would sometimes “hop out the car and take the train, he was that type of person”. Check out the video below.

[youtube clipid=”UU2lU2XMD2FmqkpnBeJs0rPQ” autoplay=”0″]

In Celebration of “Ready To Die” 20th Anniversary, here’s some rare footage of a Biggie and Nas Freestyle LIVE !

[youtube clipid=”_1CuO1_fPgA” autoplay=”0″]

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