Review: Logic’s Debut Album Proves He’s Here to Stay

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Logic claims he’s recorded over 1700 songs. He’s only shared 150 songs to the public, and with each record he’s released, the Maryland-based MC has built a well-deserving strong fan-base. A cult-like following that shares identical ideology as their unsung hero, believing he’s one of the best lyricists in hip-hop.

Under Pressure, Logic’s debut album with Def Jam was executive produced by No ID, a cosign that more than validates his talents. The LP gives the rest of us a chance to beg his existing fans if there’s still standing room at the back of the bandwagon. Under Pressure is an invitation to look back into Logic’s mixtape catalog that a true hip-hop head can’t refuse. The beat selection, varying flows, and original song concepts that speak authenticity shows Logic’s true artistry would appease any aesthetically appreciative rap fan.

Artists learn about themselves making music more than listeners do while consuming their creativity. 1700 songs later and Logic is still finding himself similar to how he’s still trying to figure out life even though he escaped a fucked up family situation and early childhood to only feel lost while adjusting to his newfound fame and financial status. Logic isn’t ashamed to flex his new first world problems, but his brutal honesty reminds listeners he’s human. The project connects with fans with similar problems coping with growing up and conceptually the coming age toned songs will lead to a lot of quotable tweets and stank face head nods.

Logic has recorded 1700 songs, and his catalog contains only 150 songs. 150 songs later, there’s still so much more to learn about Logic’s story – 1700 songs later there’s so much more to life that the rapper is figuring out. The 12 track album Under Pressure proves an underground artist can put out a successful project, and from here on out I bet hip-hop won’t consider Logic an underrated lyricist anymore.

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Respect from a new fan,
Christian Bonoan.

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