Snoop Dogg Says “There Was No Money In Rap Until Master P”

Snoop Dogg’s GGN Talk Show with G Unit

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In an funny interview with G-Unit on Snoop Dogg’s GGN Talk Show, Snoop chops it up with the crew about G-Unit’s reunion, new album and the current state of hip hop among several other topics. After a few jokes and small talk, Snoop dives right in and touches on originality in Hip Hop which prompted the conversation about the generic sound perpetuated in the mainstream media. This is what Snoop had to say,

“When did rap have to be on the same groove line? When I use to listen to rap in the 80s, the niggas from the east  all sounded different. Like, niggas from queens didn’t sound like niggas from Brooklyn or the bronx. Now every nigga in the rap game sound like they’re from the south…we following when we use to be trend setting ”

“Its like this, the rap game goes hand to hand, it was created in the East, the East held it for as long as they could, when that shit spread, its like a seed, when you plant the seed its gonna grow, so it  grew and spread to other parts of the world. When we had it, we held it for as long as we could. Then the niggas from the midwest started sneaking in, then the niggas from the South , they grabbed it so they got it now. As the West and the East, it’s our job to stay true to what we do, we can’t jump on the band wagon we still gotta be who we is”

50 Cent took that opportunity to chime in on the discussion saying,

“when a person decide to be themselves they offer something  no one else can be.”

The light hearted conversation then spilled into a slightly more serious tone when discussing the subject on the need for originality in the industry. To make light of the situation, Snoop poked a little fun at rappers like Future and Migos, who bears very similar styles of rapping.

“Thats whats wrong right now everyone’s tryna rap the same, I don’t know who created it, if it was future or Migos but all them nigga sound the same…one time a nigga had me in the studio one night trying to do that shit , I was like cut that shit off ,what the fuck am i doing, I don’t Rhyme like that.”

Snoop skimmed over several topics with the Unit, from Tony Yayo being on the run from the police to of course pimping. During the interview Snoop also spoke on the respect he has for Master P and how Master P changed Hip Hop.

“If it wasn’t for No Limit it wouldn’t be no money in rap. And mothafuckas can look at me like they crazy right now, but nigga, it was no money in rap until Master P came out. Nigga, I was on Death Row Records. We made more money than any of you niggas, all you rap labels. Suge had all the money. He gave us a little bit. But nigga, when Master P came out everybody on No Limit had money. We had money, guns, cars, everything. Thank you, Master P.”( 8:43 mark)

Check out the funny video clip below.

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