T.I. & Kap G Discuss Police Racial Profiling On CNN

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T.I. and Kap G were a guest on CNN to talk about their “La Policia (Remix)” with Don Lemon. The rappers discussed their experiences with police brutality and racial profiling. T.I. also addressed how come rap lyrics can come off as aggressive and how people who feel uncomfortable can change that. Watch the conversation above.

I think there is a disregard in underserved areas of society when it comes to interaction with law enforcement. I think there is a resentment, a undeniable fear law enforcement have for young minorities and it is reflected in their actions. Of course that leads to angry lyrics because our music historically has been a reflection of the circumstances so if you dont like our lyrics you should change the circumstances that inspire them. – T.I.

Im not afraid of police, its just you see on the news, everyday life, the things that theyre doing is just not good right now. The reason I wrote this song [“La Policia”] is because I was racially profiled. Me being Mexican-American, the whole situation, two years ago I got pulled over, the whole situation was unfair. They just wanted to check my car, asked for my ID because they thought I was illegal. – Kap G

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