The Furious Five’s Scorpio Disses Grandmaster Flash

Furious Five member Scorpio is furious at Grandmaster Flash. Find out why here…

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It looks like they’re beef brewing between one of hip-hop’s founding fathers. Furious Five member Scorpio just dissed Grandmaster Flash and accused him of being selfish. According to the OG, the frontman is taking advantage of the branding of their collective’s name, and it’s affecting their livelihood. Furious Five members can’t book shows unless Grandmaster Flash is involved. Scorpio took his shade further by comparing him to Milli Vanilli, and claims Flash had the least contributions in the creative process to their music. Check out some of our favorite quotes below and read Scorpio’s full interview here.

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“The biggest mistake the Furious Five made was to leave his name before ours. Being young kids we thought, we started as a group lets end like that. We didn’t know that ultimately it would turn around where he would use the brand that we all helped build against us. We were still performing but Melle Mel brought it to our attention. Flash understood branding in our group before us. So once he understood after all of these records we put out and tours and people were starting to say Grand Master Flash and not the Furious Five but was associating it with our group that’s when he started his shit.”

“They want to book us, but its harder for them to sell The Furious Five,” he said. “But when you put The Furious Five next to Grand Master Flash that’s like, ‘Oh shit I’d love to book that. Yo I want that.’ It comes alive. Flash says ‘I wonder why you’re having problems getting booked?’ I’m like, ‘Flash, why the problem? Everyone thinks Grand Master Flash, the name is you?’ When he didn’t have anything to do with the records. He wants to keep all of it to himself. The reason we’re coming out with it now you know is because we had hopes that maybe one day he would wake up and say, ‘Let’s do these world tours, lets do what Mick Jagger and them do.’”

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