The Game Is Becoming Instagram’s #MCM And Not Everyone Is Here For It

The Game #MCM Controversy

Source: Instagram @losangelesconfidential

If you are on Instagram, there’s a good chance that you have seen, or even heard about The Game’s latest photo streak, and how it’s been effecting the female population of social media. The rapper has been posting a series of shirtless photos, which show off some of his private “assets,” and while that may be nothing new to the ‘Gram, his hashtags certainly have been. Game has been instructing women on how to pleasure themselves, including him in the fantasy, and it’s about as erotic as they come. Since his post, women everywhere have been reposting his captions and photos, and it’s been absolute mayhem on The ‘Gram.

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While many women are showing their thirst over The Game’s photos, this social media antic is turning off a smaller population of women. I, myself, am part of that population, and find his ploy for female attention to be a little too much for my own liking. Personally, I would have admired the photo by itself, but the caption was far too over the top for me. While he may be flaunting the single lifestyle he is happily living, allowing females to gawk over him, this is also a guy who has his children posted to his page, especially his own young daughter, Cali. The photo isn’t the issue, but the instructional erotica hashtags do seem a bit excessive as a ploy for attention. While The Game is subjectively a pretty attractive guy, there’s no need for him to push things over the limit as far as attracting thirst on social media.

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