Kim Kardashian says “Enough is Enough”

Kim Kardashian is in haste to be pronounced single by the judge as soon as possible. Kanye West’s Instagram posts are making her hurt emotionally. She wants any dealings to end between her and Kanye and healthily co-parent their children. She finally say’s “Enough is Enough.”

TMZ acquired a new court document where Kim directly said, “I very much desire to be divorced.” She informs the judge she’s approached Kanye to keep their divorce hidden, “but he has not done so.” Also, she mentions Kanye’s torrent of online media posts regarding their relationship.

According to Kim, “Kanye has been putting a lot of misinformation regarding our private matters and co-parenting on social media, which has created emotional distress.”

Recently, Kanye has accused Kim of kidnapping Chicago, their daughter. Furthermore, Kim has also blamed him for requesting a hit on her, and took offense with her because she allowed North to be on TikTok. 

Also, Kanye requested Kim not transfer assets out of any trust. Kim however didn’t agree to Kanye’s request. 

Furthermore, Kim admitted that Kanye’s lawyers do not have easy access to him. Kanye’s lawyers wrote to Kim’s lawyer last year, October, that his prenup should be broken down as follows…. “But as you also know, we face challenges in communicating with our client — and the validity of the prenup (with all of its related legal implications) is a heavy issue to broach.”  It appears as if Kanye held on to the


Kanye Is Relentless

Kim primarily concerns her solicitation for single status by expressing … “While I wish our marriage would have succeeded, I have realized that there is no way to repair our marriage. Kanye does not agree. But, at least it appears that he has come to the realization that I want to end our marriage, even if he does not.”

Kim and Kanye

She further explained her reason to be single. “So I can begin the healing process and so that our family can begin the healing process and move forward in this new chapter in our lives.”

This is the reality… However, the main concern at hand is when Laura Wasser, Kim’s lawyer, restores Kim’s legal status next week, that it will be easily granted.  We agree with her Ye, Kim Kardashian says “Enough” because it is “Enough.”

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