McDonalds Strikes Back At Arby’s With Diss Track

McDonalds Strikes Back At Arby’s With Diss Track

Earlier this week, Arby’s took to the internet with a scathing diss record aimed at McDonalds. The fast food chain recruited popular VA rapper, Pusha T, to come up with a smear campaign basically trashing Mickey D’s Filet O’ Fish sandwich. However, the beef ain’t over. McDonalds has struck back  at Arby’swith some choice words from Ronald himself, lol. 

For Arby’s, that may have been a clever advertisement to promote their new spicy Fish sandwich. But for Pusha, it was a little more personal. Pusha is actually credited for writing McDonalds “Badapapapa, I’m Lovin’ it,” jingle many years ago. He stated that he wasn’t too happy with the payment him and his brother Malice received for writing the jingle. Considering McDonald’s uses that campaign til this day, he may have a point. 

In the diss he wrote, “I’m the reason the whole world love it/Now I gotta crush it/Filet-O-Fish is shit and you should be disgusted/How dare you sell a square fish asking us to trust it/A half slice of cheese, Mickey D’s on a budget?” 

McDonalds Strikes Back

Obviously we know the reply isn’t officially from McDonald’s, but its very entertaining nonetheless. Someone took it upon themselves to rebuttal Pusha and Arby’s diss using Tupac’s ‘Hit Em Up’ instrumental and flow. This is truly the funniest thing we’ve seen in a minute. He raps, “Ronald McDonald, I hit u up w a combo, nobody gon buy yo combo..” Too Funny!

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