Kanye West to buy the Denver Broncos ?

Kanye West to buy the Denver Broncos ?

NFL legend Shannon Sharpe upholds Kanye West‘s Donda Sports offered to purchase the Broncos – – where the previous extraordinary TE featured – – telling TMZ Sports the league should have a few people in possession positions.

According to TMZ, Shannon said he supports Kanye West. He made his stance known after the Super Bowl Show that took place at the SoFi stadium. Also, other prominent black men and women promised their support. 

“I’d be happy, if a minority, Robert Smith, I see Byron Allen is interested,” said Sharpe. “I’m all for it.”

“That’s the organization that I played 12 years for. I have a lot of respect for the Bowlen family. They did a great job with me and my family.”

True or False

The discussion took place via social media where Antonio Brown, who called himself the president of the Donda sports confirmed that West’s company is intending to buy the Broncos.

Sharpe maintained his stand that should Kanye attract investors, he would give his full support in ensuring Kanye buys the Broncos. 

In any case, West probably won’t require any other person. Forbes records his total assets at $1.8 billion … Although, in a recent interview, Ye said his net worth was around $10 billion.

Last year Forbes esteemed the Broncos at $3.75 billion.

Concerning Ye and AB … they’ve been almost indistinguishable since they connected after the unceremonious exit of Brown in January from the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Kanye appeared to hug Brown … also the two framed a dear friendship and business relationship.

Kanye West to buy Broncos?

Main concern … It doesn’t matter how the owner of the NFL feels about Kanye, Donda Sports, or AB, Shannon tells TMZ that money is what matters. 

“The biggest bidder is gonna win. NFL is about dollars and cents. If he got the dollars, it makes sense.”

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