Violence erupts at Justin Bieber concert. Kodak Black gets hit

At an NBA Youngboy show? Yes! A 50 Cent Concert? Absolutely! And as big as Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg are, violence at their shows wouldn’t surprise anyone. However, gun violence at a Justin Bieber afterparty? In short, this is something sort of different. 

Not at a Justin Bieber Party!

Four unknown people were recently shot during an afterparty for pop singer Justin Bieber. Subsequently, one of the people shot is rumored to be rapper Kodak Black. AP News reported that the victims sustained non life threatening injuries. Paramedics were able to rush two of them to the hospital. The others reportedly made it there on their own. Although they’re all listed in stable condition, the LAPD are still interviewing many for information that may lead to an arrest. 

During the early morning hours, witnesses claim to have heard fighting prior to multiple gunshots ringing off. As a result, the large crowd was forced to run for safety. CBS Los Angeles reports that a man, thought to be Kodak Black, 24, may have called the police to report that he had been shot. Moreover, Kodak is no stranger to gunfire. Just recently, the rapper’s bodyguard was reportedly shot at a McDonalds in Tallahassee, Fl.

Kodak has a lengthy criminal history. Ironically, Donald Trump gave him a pardon in 2021.  His charges were allegedly falsifying information on federal forms to buy firearms. What is it with these rappers and these guns? Let’s hope all the victims of the shooting recover swiftly. And to Mr. Kodak Black, please stay your black ass out of trouble. We love you! Thanks.

However, stay tuned for more HHMW real Hip Hop news! 


TMZ has obtained video footage of the actual incident.

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