Wale Talks ‘Album About Nothing’, Says It’s Cool To Be Smart

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This week in Hip Hop news, rapper Wale called in from Cali to The Russ Parr Show down in Atlanta to discuss his new album and to address a few issues including squashing the beef with Philly rapper Meek Mill who is currently incarcerated for violating his probation. The MMG rapper went on to detail how he came up with the idea to name his project Album About Nothing,  here’s what Wale had to say,

“You know how you do every morning. It’s like a lot of philosophy in ya’ll show. It’s a lot of philosophy and you guys poke fun at the culture, but it also teaches you something. You know, Kanye was really good at that on College Dropout. You know: ‘We ain’t got it, we broke, broke.’ ‘Broke Phi Broke’ and all that other stuff, it was comical but it was also waking you up to certain things. I feel like this album is what would happen if Jerry Seinfeld did a Spike Lee joint.”

Wale then went on to explain Jerry Seinfeld’s involvement in his project,

“I was a big fan of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld,” he said. “I watched the show a lot. So I did a Mixtape About Nothing in 2007. I just poked a lot of fun at society and the industry ‘cause what was hot at the time was ‘snap your fingers’ and all that. So I had an interesting perspective on the industry. Basically I just ran with that, I did a Mixtape About Nothing and I used the a lot of dialogue from Seinfeld. And then, 2010, you know, by this point I’m signed to Interscope and I have a different perspective on things and I did the More About Nothing mixtape. I used more dialogue from Seinfeld. Now, we’re here in 2014, I’m using a lot of personal things and things that are going on in my life now as well as exclusive content from Jerry Seinfeld and a little bit of the show.”

Midway through the interview one of the hosts asked Wale about MMG’s head honcho Rick Ross and whether he had a hand in squashing the beef between label mate Meek Mill. Wale response suggest that the Boss wasn’t really interested in the getting involved,

“Nah,He was high, Wale said laughing,  “He gon’ come in that joint smelling like a tree trunk. But that’s how he is though. He was just like, ‘Man, what? We ain’t talking ‘bout this right now.’ The crazy thing about it, Meek ended up going to jail like two days later. So it’s like bad. You have an argument with somebody and then something bad happen and you like, ‘Damn.’ So it was bad for me in that regard.”

Wale also added that since then he and Meek has been in communication and that they have worked through their situation.

“I actually did a song with his cousin, his best friend,” he said of “Break Me Down.” “That dropped. And I even poked fun at Meek and me arguing on the record. It’s all good. I think he come home in late September or late this month, so it’s all good.”

Glad to see Wale and Meek worked out that misunderstanding. Check out the video below.

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