What A Creep!!! Florida International Coach is Suspended For…

Marlin Chinn

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This is beyond crazy. Florida International University’s Women’s Basketball coach, Marlin Chinn is under fire for sexually harassing one of his players. Chinn, a married man, constantly sought after the captain of his team in Destini Feagin through text messages, phone calls, and more. Feagin candidly revealed to the Miami Herald who Chinn would consistently try to pursue her on and off the court.

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“I noticed he had a sexual attraction for me when he started saying perverted things to me,’’ she said. “Commenting on my looks, my body, frame, my breasts, my behind. The way I smile. He would go into detail what his sexual thoughts were.

“He didn’t come out and say what his intentions were at first, but he gave me hints,” she said. “He said little things that alerted me. Then, he came out and told me how he felt about me.”

Chinn even loaned Feagin $600 to pay back a debt and in return was seeking something besides money to return the favor.

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“He took me to the bank, gave me $600 in cash,” Feagin, 22, said. “I went to pay the debt on my account. The day after I received the money, he called me. I said ‘Coach, how could I ever repay you?’ I was thankful, showing gratitude, humbleness. I really appreciated that. He said, ‘You will pay me back. In other ways.’ He said that six times. It’s vivid in my head.”

Feagin said a few weeks later, the week of Jan. 18 as the team prepared for home games against Texas-San Antonio and Texas-El Paso, Chinn asked about her personal life. Feagin said when she casually complained about men, he replied with, “Oh, yeah, if I had it my way, you’d be my girl. If I was in school, you’d be my girl.”

After practice, Feagin said, she went back to Chinn’s office to clarify what he meant and he said, “I have sexual fantasies about you.”

Believe it or not, things only got worse between Feagin and her coach Chinn.


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