Exclusive Interview: Rick Ross Shares Secrets On How To Be A Hood Billionaire

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Rick Ross is not a businessman. He’s a business…man! The self-proclaimed “Biggest Boss” sat down for an exclusive interview with Karlie Hustle to talk about his new album Hood Billionaire that dropped on November 24th. Rick Ross also discussed his separate business ventures outside of music and gave advice to today’s youth on how to become a Hood Billionaire. Check out some of the highlights from our exclusive interview below. Thanks again to Rick Ross for taking the time out to chat with Hip Hop My Way!

On putting out two studio albums in 2014:

“Two in a year for some people may be a lot. But, it just felt good to me. Salute Def Jam and just the rest of my team. We pulled it off. We pulled off something real major.”

On being a Hood Billionaire:

“It all leads back to your lifestyle. You know, longevity and just taking advantage of the situations and opportunities you have. I feel through the past and so many different eras in time, we’ve seen people that were just so successful or appeared successful. So, I wanna grow, too. I wanna continue to grow.”

On today’s youth making smarter financial decisions:

“I just feel like everybody’s situation is unique. I feel like everybody’s situation is different. Most definitely you gotta think of tomorrow and not just today. The decisions you make you should most definitley consider for long term. And I think that’s the difference. Let’s be patient. If you cant afford a new Maybach go ahead and just get you the S550. You know what I mean? Just enjoy yourself and keep tomorrow in mind.”

On his expanding Wingstop franchise:

“We just received the key to the city of Memphis just for bringing ex-amount of jobs to that city. That’s what’s real cool to me. As well as the other opportunities that we bring to the table and just the networking that we do.”

On being a leader and keeping his MMG team motivated:

“For me, it’s organic. It’s natural. My motivation natural. You most definitely sometimes gotta let that spill over to everybody else around you. As long as you love what you’re doing. I love making music. I love the business that I’m in. At the end of the day I love it.”



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