EXCLUSIVE: Reek Da Villain Talks Fallout With Busta Rhymes

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Finally  in 2009 Busta was successful in signing him to Conglomerate Records with a better offer. Since then, Reek released a plethora of records, including Go Off  featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ace Hood and Swizz Beatz. Reek explains that the record was ready to be released along with a video to accompany the single but for some reason Busta delayed the record from being released for about two years. Frustrated with the delay, Reek decided to re-shoot the video using pieces of the original, excluding all the Conglomerate clips. Eventually the video was leaked online. This further put a strain on an already agitated situation prompting Reek to part ways from Conglomerate Records but not without receiving Busta Rhymes’ blessings and support.

” We departed on good terms but along with those terms,  I was a little bitter behind the Go Off record ” 

When asked to elaborate on the Go Off  record, he then went on to detail the occurrence saying,

  “Well, I got a record called “Go Off ” with Me, Kendrick Lamar, Ace Hood and Swizz Beatz, and basically Busta helped me put that together. I had the record  and video done for about two years, two years! And he just was like, Hold It, Hold it  and it just got the the point where I was like , you know what, I was tired of waiting, and that was one of the things that made me say, I want to do my own thing and I’m ready to travel this journey alone, and then I had got his blessing and he was like, go ahead you still got my support. So I re-shot the video and I took out all of the Conglomerate parts out the video. Then I was told that the Top Dawg dudes wanted it down, but from certain people I spoke to said just take it off of YouTube, it can live on Worldstar, but the calls were consistently coming from the Conglomerate department and thats why I was a little bitter about the situation, cause I  just was like, if the TDE dudes aren’t going hard to get it removed , I wouldn’t expect Busta to be going that hard to get it taken down you know what I’m saying?”

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