Hip-Hop Styles: Then and Now

Most people who listen to hip-hop identify it as not only a style of music, but a culture as well. As such, there have been many influences, from the way performers spit to the way they dress. Popular artists endorsing a particular way to wear their hair or clothes have inspired cultural movements. Every decade is full of these trend-setting crazes, each different than the last.

How did hip hop change? What used to be fresh back in the day that is ratchet now?

80s Rockin It

Track Suits

Run DMC Tracksuits

Source: boommagazine.com.au

Run DMC made track suits popular. Super popular. As in, every kid between the ages of 9-17 had one and sported it everywhere they went. Spawning from jumpsuits that performers like James Brown and Elvis wore on stage, the track suit was the complete ensemble. Consisting of a zippered jacket that was worn with the zipper all the way up, and matching pants, combos from Adidas, Fila, and off brands flooded the market. Run DMC, The Fat Boys, and many other crews rocked these for years.

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