Hit-Boy and Pacman Da Gunman Drop New Single

Hit-Boy and Pacman Da Gunman just dropped their collab new single, “Told Us Not To Do It,” featuring Peezy. It’s a great season for Hit-Boy and Pacman right now. With the new release, the rappers have strengthened their spot. They remain one of the best upcoming rapper-producer duos in the industry. The new single features the Detroit rapper, Peezy.

Hit-Boy Perfects The Production

As we expected, Hit-Boy’s production of “Told Us Not To Do It” is extraordinary. Once again, Hit-Boy made it clear that an instrumentalist can achieve any sound.  He played the perfect beat for Pacman to build on without limit through his lyrics.  Sample verses like “got a hundred on my neck, spent a dub on the watch and the time always wrong, but the grind never stops” really hit hard.

You wouldn’t expect less from Peezy. He gives us the hook “seen alotta sh*t, but I ain’t saying sh*t, police on a n**** head, I be on gang shit, couple M’s couldn’t change me I’m on the same sh*t.”

Hit-Boy and Pacman Collabs

Hit-Boy and Pacman’s first single, “Find a Balance,” featured Dom Kennedy. The pair is already working on another upcoming single, “Bulletproof Soul,” hinting that it will drop any time now. 

There is much to expect from Hit-Boy and Pacman Da Gunman’s upcoming nine-track project. “Bulletproof Soul”, the new album, is set to debut by the end of March. The pair’s new single, perhaps, is to prepare their fans. They’re teasing fans to expect something bigger and prepare them for what “Bulletproof Soul” will deliver.

The upcoming album, “Bulletproof Soul” will also feature other rappers such as Peezy, J Stone, and Yhung T.O.

Early Beginnings

Hit-Boy began his career working with Kanye and Jay-Z before founding his own label 10 years ago. He has worked with megastars like Beyoncé, Travis Scott, and Lil Wayne.  Pacman Da Gunman is a young artist from LA’s Crenshaw District. He is currently one of the official members of the indie label “All Money In“, founded by Nipsey Hussle, Blacc Sam, Fatts, and Adam. 

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