Is Hot New Rapper Michael Jay Ready For The Big Leagues?

Is Hot New Rapper Michael Jay Ready For The Big Leagues?

At a time where its being said white rappers have an advantage because of their skin color, one thing that’s hardly deniable with any artist, regardless of race, color, or creed is their passion for the craft. Today, HipHopMyWay brings you a hot new young artist by the name of Michael Jay. This Queens, New York native has turned the harsh trials and tribulations of his life into a beautiful story that is going to be very hard to ignore. Sure, the kid is white; so one will automatically look for traces and hints of Eminem as most do with white rappers. However, with artists like Post Malone, Jack Harlow, Marlon Craft, Millyz and countless others switching up the format, it’s safe to say having the “originality factor” has been reintroduced to the game.

Who Is The Rapper Michael Jay?

Micheal Jay is already backed by some of the bigger names in the music industry. Moreover, his struggles of being young and homeless while fighting drug addiction has also connected him with a plethora of New York City’s most infamous street legends. As odd as that co-relation may sound; it’s obvious these guys aren’t pushing Jay to indulge in the realm of the underworld to boost his popularity. Instead, they encourage him to use his voice to tell his redemption story. A story of overcoming something that is ripping through young men and women in our society everyday; the struggles of teenage drug and alcohol abuse. It’s a story of the stronghold of opiates and what it takes to somehow overcome it.

On his his debut single, Fall Down , which drops today, Michael Jay raps…

Your old friends from school have gotten jobs now/ while you watch them ball out/ sitting on your mom’s couch/ chilling wit the wrong crowd/ you just want clout, never went to college, you’ll never be a dropout……

Although someone rapping about the hardships of drug abuse isn’t relatively new, the story of overcoming what so many other young people have succumbed to gives Michael Jay a very unique position in the game. He told the writers up at HipHopMyWay, “I was living in a motel for five years; knee deep into a serious drug addiction with nobody there for me…. I soon noticed that only once you take responsibility for your own self destructive actions can you be free.” He added, “However, once you get free, don’t be surprised if you start to realize some of the people around you actually wanna see you fall down.”

Major Industry Support

Not many new artist can say they have the support of music industry veterans like Bob Morelli. Morelli is the former president of Sony Red, and the founder of COOL IS FOREVER CONSULTANT, LLC. One listen to the young rapper and Morelli knew he just might have a young superstar on his hands.

“Michael is a triple threat….a great performer, rapper and vocalist. He has a respect for what came before him as he moves forward creating his own exciting contemporary lane in hip hop.” Morelli said.

Paula Hersom, President of Firebird Sounds, LLC says:
“Michael Jay has the passion and desire to move his career forward which has made him a pleasure to work with. He is on top of his game and what is needed is to get his music delivered to all the DSP’s.”

Legendary DJ Cocoa Chanelle of 94.7 FM The Block says:  “Michael’s passion and lyrics in Fall Down feel genuine. I can tell he’s been through a lot in life. I like his authenticity, and even more, I respect the fact that he’s a student of hip hop.”

Even without boasting the biggest social media following, Jay has been able to capture the attention of those who could take his budding career to the next level. Furthermore, he did it the hard way. The rapper has been touring the country for the past few months spreading his message to anyone he feels is ready to accept it.

@officialmichaeljay I will stay hungry, and embrace suffering. 🦁 #fyp #fypシ #foryourpage #freestyle #freestylefriday #macmiller #eminem #nas #kanyewest #jadakiss #hiphop #tiktok #VenmoSpringBreak #independentartist ♬ original sound – Michael Jay ☯️

Fall Down

With his new single Fall Down available on all streaming platforms now, it’s only a matter of time before we see what impact Michael Jay can leave on the game. It’s recently been speculated that rappers of caucasian decent have an advantage. However, history says regardless of race, color or creed, at the end of the day, it’s the skills that pay the bills. Damn Right!

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