Joyner Lucas Disses MGK, Pulls out of Lollapalooza

Joyner Lucas Disses MGK, Pulls out of Lollapalooza

Rapper Joyner Lucas, 33, is infuriated with the payment, and font size, of his name on the upcoming Lollapalooza flyer. The rapper took to social media to air out his grievance with the festival and its headliner MGK. He tweeted  “These festivals is gon stop playing with me like I ain’t that n***a. Putting my name next to the names of a bunch of random n***az that nobody heard of and offering me a weak ass [bag]. Then I say no to the offer and these hoe ass n***az put me on the flier anyways. @lollapalooza.”

Put Some Respek On His Name

He then continued his verbal assault on the show’s organizers.  “N***az is on gon start putting respek on my name. For years I been getting these weak ass offers like I’m some lil n***a. Then n***az who ain’t even on my level or doing my numbers is getting put in BIG LETTERS while they write my sh*t hella small on the flier! How sway?!! I’m the biggest independent artist period with the exception of my n***a tech [N9ne]. And I got the numbers & the fans & the [bag] to back that statement up. How is it that these festivals keep tryna bunch my name up with a bunch of n***az who ain’t on my level?. N***a I’m JOYNER LUCAS.”

Joyner Lucas Disses MGK

He added, “All I know is @lollapalooza better take my f*kin name off that flier. I ain’t agree to that lineup and I don’t want that weak ass [bag] n***az tried to give me. Next thing I kno the flier goes out and they gon put my name in some tiny ass letter like i ain’t me. F*ck outta here! Bro hit me up today asking me what time is my set at @lollapalooza. I said huh? went and looked at the flier and had to find a microscope to find my name. Disrespectful. They said i had to get my numbers up to be respected. So I went top 10 billboard independently. Still this.”

He then turned his attacks to fellow rapper MGK, who happens to be the headliner. “Then you got this goofy ass ni**a headlining? Smh how sway?” referring to the rapper. After fans warned him MGK could be dangerous, he added  “Someone said ‘don’t bring out the rap devil’… maaaaannnn listen. Lol What my brother Marshall did to this n***a @machinegunkelly is light compared to what’s waiting if he wanna walk down that street wit me. Ain’t nobody worried bout a n***a who paints his nails. foh.”

Do you think his frustrations are justified?

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