Self-Proclaimed ‘Best Drunk Driver’ Charged in DUI Crash That Killed Two State Troopers

A self-proclaimed ‘expert drunk driver’ is in police custody after being involved in a fatal DUI crash that claimed the life of two Pennsylvania state troopers and a civilian. However, there is much, much more this sad story.

Jayana Tanae Webb, 21, was arrested this week after allegedly striking two Pennsylvania state troopers and a civilian. Troopers Branden T. Sisca, 29, and Martin F. Mack III, 33, were struck while assisting the pedestrian around 1 AM on Monday. The troopers were escorting 28-year-old Reyes Rivera Oliveras when Webb hit them at high speed. Both Mack and Sisca were pronounced dead at the scene.  

The 21-year-old faces 18 charges including, homicide by vehicle, manslaughter of a law enforcement officer, involuntary manslaughter, third-degree murder, and driving under the influence.

Self Proclaimed Best ‘Drunk Driver’

The tragic episode comes just about two months after Webb took to Twitter bragging about her drunk driving abilities. “If you ask me, I’m the best drunk driver ever,” Webb tweeted on Jan 15 of this year. 

“This is a tragedy all the way around,” her attorney, Michael Walker, told CBS 3. “We are never the worst thing we have done in our life. If she is found guilty of this, she is more than that and right now she is an innocent person,” Walker said. “She’s extremely saddened,” he continued. “She’s not a violent criminal. She has no past, no prior contacts with police whatsoever. She’s a great person and it would devastate most people and right now she’s devastated.”

Lastly, the irony of this story is almost like something out of a movie. It’s been reported that Webb tweeted on 3/2 that she was let go by officers after doing 110 in a 50 MPH speed zone. These are allegedly the same officers she ultimately killed.

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