Kanye West And His Shoe Empire

It seems like everyone and their grandmother has a tennis shoe line and that is probably because a vast number of hip hop stars actually do try their hand at designing shoes. Well, hip hop mogul Kanye West has created his own line of tennis shoes through Nike. The Air Yeezy shoes are not only over the top like the hip hop stars own tastes and fashion choices, they are also very pricey. While they are in fact limited edition, does that really make them worth $16.3 million on eBay? Someone certainly thought so.

Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy Red October

Kanye matching Kris’ back in his Red Octobers

The limited edition Red October sneaker that originally sold for $245 through Nike and sold out almost instantly is currently listed for $16.3 million on the popular auction site. The shoes are indeed top of the line and instantly recognizable on the street, but the asking price on eBay seems a bit over the top. The shoes were hyped early on by rappers like Jay-Z before the official launch. Kanye surely had his friends and family out in full force before the release of these shoes with tons of people ready to buy before the shoes were even announced.


Nike Air Yeezy 2 – Red October

The shoe line has since made Kanye millions and he is set to release newer designs later this year. The Air Yeezy I collection had one colorway and was released in a quantity of 5000. The suggested retail of this shoe was $275 but due to the very limited quantity, these shoes sold for as much as $3000 in some instances. The Air Yeezy II had a few more color choices with the Solar Red colorway and the Pure Platinum colorway. These two shoes were supposed to be the only release of the Air Yeezy II set but early in February of 2014 the Red Octobers dropped creating a frenzy among sneaker collectors the world over.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 - Pure Platinum

Nike Air Yeezey 2 – Pure Platinum

For those that love sneakers, a limited edition sneaker collection much like the highly anticipated Jordan line can make anyone excited. Though there are no official reports about what type of shoes Kanye will be working on for the remainder of 2014, there is certainly a chance that Kanye will be creating great new shoes that not only blow the minds of fans but also the minds of skeptics that never thought a rapper like Kanye could come up with something truly amazing. There are sure to be more shoes in Kanye’s future as he had such a huge success with these shoes and their launch and subsequent selling out.

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