Kanye West Seen Hanging Out With a Kim Kardashian Look Alike – HHMW Real Hip Hop News

Kanye West Seen Hanging Out With a Kim Kardashian Look Alike – HHMW Real Hip Hop News

What the hell is going with Ye in today’s Hip Hop News?

Hip Hop news has been juicy the past few weeks thanks to Kanye West. For example, aside from the fact that he’s dropping the much anticipated Donda 2; which we expect to be fire by the way, the rapper has been in a huge family mess.

It’s very much like Kanye to pour out his heart on social media and roll with only the hottest super models! It’s like some of these girls don’t exist before and then boom, one date with Kanye and they have a full Wikipedia page.

So who is Chaney Jones anyway? Super hot IG model and Kim K look alike who has been spotted rolling with the College Dropout rapper the past few days. Is Kanye still trying to get Kim back? Because the resemblance between Chaney and Kim hasn’t gone unnoticed among his fans and fans of the Kardashians.

To put icing on the cake and cement our speculations that Kanye might indeed be obsessed with his ex-wife Kim;  Chaney was seen in an all black ensemble and wide framed blue glasses. We all know that this has become a signature Kardashian look so what exactly is Miss Chaney trying to achieve?

Chaney Jones (R)- Kim Kardashian (L) both headlining in today’s Hip Hop News

Where is Julia?

In all of this, we still haven’t heard from his recent girlfriend Julia Fox. Just a few days ago she deleted all their pictures together and when asked she said, “Social Media isn’t fun anymore.” Okay, Julia, we hear, trust and believe you. Yeah right! The chances that Kanye has moved on are probably about 80-20 at this point. And, he’s already made a post asking God to bring his family back together.

In the middle of the ongoing public feud with his ex wife Kim Kardashian and a rumored breakup with Julia Fox, we are all left wondering what the heck is up with Kanye! I highly doubt the seldom forgiving Hip Hop community welcomes Chaney Jones or Julia Fox to the family, let’s see how this plays out.

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