Keeping Up With Kanye…. Ooops, I meant Ye!

Keeping Up With Kanye…. Ooops, I meant Ye!

It’s become quite impossible to predict what the guy HHMW has dubbed the “most controversial man on the planet”, will do or say next. We’re talking none other than Ye; formerly known as Kanye West. Ever since the public turbulence with his now estranged wife Kim Kardashian began; simply put, Kanye hasn’t been the same. If his latest social media tirade is what some will call, “a ploy to promote his upcoming Netflix documentary, ‘Jeen-Yuhs’, or his forthcoming ‘Donda 2’ album, then this man has mastered the art of new marketing. But, at this point, I think we all know it’s a bit more than that that. 

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Wake Up Mr. West

It would be hard to believe or conceive the thought of Kanye going this far to promote projects when he obviously has so many other means to do so. Furthermore, the self proclaimed “Jeen-yuhs” has been taking to instagram lately more than ever before. By press time, most of Kanye’s IG posts may be deleted, but let’s take a look at what it’s been like the past few days trying to keep up with Mr. Ye West. Let’s start here!

Ever since Kim Kardashian did S&L and was then seen with now rumored boyfriend, Pete Davidson, Ye has been extremely vocal and visible. He was first spotted out hanging out with Julia Fox, whom which has since done interviews stating their relationship was an open one. We’re glad that’s the case considering Kanye was later spotted that same WEEK at an NBA game with Kim K lookalike and IG model, Chaney Jones

Ye is frequently spotted out and about with a variety of beautiful women. But when he picks up his phone and logs on to social media, there seems to be one only one woman on his mind. His ex wife, Kim Kardashian.

What’s Love Go To Do With It ?

Men are not known to wear their hearts on their sleeves, so we actually give kudos to Kanye for not being afraid to put his feelings for his ex wife out there. Most people in his position would probably allow foolish pride to conquer vulnerability. But most people aren’t Kanye West. He has an awkward way of expressing his desires, but he does so nonetheless. 

Futrthermore, the verbal attacks on poor Pete Davidson may be a bit unnecessary. As of late, Ye has went on to diss him in multiple songs and IG posts. On the song “My Life was Never Easy” featuring rapper The Game’s Greatest Beefs, Ye raps, “God saved me from the crash / so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass”. On “City Of Gods”, Kanye threatens to send goons up to SNL, assuming to get at Davidson. He references him as Skete and has declared that Davidson would ‘NEVER MEET HIS CHILDREN’ in another since deleted lengthy instagram post. 

Playing It Cool

Davidson hasn’t been the only target of Kanye’s verbal machine gun. No pun intended.  But he recently took verbal jabs at ex BFF Kid Cudi and rapper MGK for being friends with Davidson.  Ye has made it very clear that any friend of Pete Davidson, is no friend of his. He is no stranger when it comes to losing friends. Recently, he went up to popular podcast “Drink Champs”, and dissed former friends Talib Kweli, Just Blaze and Big Sean.    

Lastly, the one thing Kanye has made very clear , is that he wants to reunite with Kim and salvage their marriage. I don’t think popping up with multiple women is helping that case; nor is the constant immaturity. The much younger Davidson, 28, is seeming to be ignoring Kanye throughout the whole ordeal. But according to Page Six he had this to say about the constant disses.

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