Is World War III On The Horizon?

Is World War III On The Horizon?

The attack on Ukraine has created a lot of confusion and chaos in the country. A large number of Ukrainians have been running for cover and escaping bomb blasts. Is World War III next?

Russia has launched attacks on Ukraine from all directions which do not exclude the attacks on innocent civilians – – who up till now were incredibly quiet. The country is now dealing with an unexpected and impossible situation. Civilians are looking for ways to either survive the attack or most preferably, get out of the country.

Russian fighter jets are destroying homes in Ukraine. They either drop bombs on the houses or just near the house. A video clip on TMZ shows a child wailing inside a building after a fighter jet drops a bomb right beside a house.

People are massively moving out of Kyiv. This has resulted in a long never ending traffic jam. 

Ukraine residents attempting to flee the violence

What’s more, civilians now flood the train stations for safety from bombs. Hundreds of people are jam-packed together seeking safety from the Russian troops. You could read fear at the faces of the helpless people.

Is World War III Next?

Crazy internet geeks have dug up an old and are tweet insinuating late rapper XXXTentacion may have predicted this. He sent out this tweet 8 years ago on the 23rd.

The big question you should ask now … To what extent is Putin willing to go? Also, how will the Ukrainians fight to preserve their land and people? Putin has audaciously lied with regards to his demonstration of war. He proposes that Ukraine is being influenced by Nazis. However, that’s an absurd assertion … the President of Ukraine is Jewish, and the main assailant here is Russia.

What’s more typically … Donald Trump is adulating the fierce tyrant, referring to his demonstrations of animosity as “genius.”

Don’t forget, Putin, president of Russia announced military action in Ukraine about two days ago. The attack followed his acknowledgment of separatist republic independence in Ukraine. The U.S. has declared Russia’s attack on Ukraine an “Invasion.” Biden has also stated all of Russia’s assets in the US will be frozen. In the words of the great Jay-Z, “IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN!

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