Logic Twerks At Latest Show Confusing Many Of His Loyal Fans

Logic Twerks At Latest Show Confusing Many Of His Loyal Fans

Spice Spice Baby

Logic’s live performances typically promise stunning lyrical displays. However, at a recent event, it was his physical prowess that stood out. I never thought we’d be sitting here writing about the day Logic twerks.

The Maryland rapper went on the College Park Tour earlier this year alongside Juicy J. At one event in late June, he startled the crowd by stripping off and channeling his inner Ice Spice.

A video of the unusual incident went viral on Thursday (August 17), and it showed a bare-chested Logic sassily making his way to the front of the stage and dancing while singing “DadBod.”

He then turned around, flexed his buttocks while bending over. He then put his palm on his privates in the manner of Ice Spice. Before sniffing it, he also inserted his finger into his belly button and moved it around.

One of the rapper’s band members smiled amusedly onstage. Also, numerous fans could be heard cheering in the background, suggesting that the audience wasn’t put off by the rapper’s antics.

Logic’s shirtless escapades are making headlines for the first time. The 33-year-old made his buddies laugh in May when he used an odd post-show cooling-off technique that required standing next to an open freezer while half-naked.

Logic Twerks

The former Def Jam signee recently said he would be releasing a new mixtape titled Inglorious Basterd. He then offered fans a sneak peek by remixing Lupe Fiasco’s 2006 song “Kick, Push.”

Pick up a brush like Pablo Picasso,”On the remix, which Logic titled “Still Pushin,” he raps, “93 Nas flow/ 200 on the 101, watch as the nos go/ Straight from the underground, that lost flow/ Now we get Louis V, back in the day as a kid it was Costco.”

The project, which follows last year’s Vinyl Days and this past February’s College Park, will continue the rapper’s recent prolific run despite no release date having been announced.

Logic will also demonstrate his abilities as a beatmaker.

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