YSL CASE : Defendant Alleged To Use Attorney’s Laptop To Engage In Affair

YSL CASE : Defendant Alleged To Use Attorney’s Laptop To Engage In Affair


Judge Ural Glanville has ordered a defense attorney to give over his laptop for evidence after learning that his client allegedly used it to conduct an extramarital affair. This is just the latest dramatic development in the YSL RICO trial.

According to The Brunswick News, defense lawyer Eric Johnson, who represents Christian Eppinger, whose case has been separated from those of the other eight co-defendants, is required to hand up his laptop so that it can be combed through for evidence. It was decided on Friday, August 11.

Judge Glanville ruled that there was “sufficient probable cause” to search Johnson’s laptop since he allegedly permitted Eppinger to use it to engage in an unlawful Instagram relationship.

Sheriff’s deputy Akeiba Stanley was detained earlier in the YSL RICO trial when she reportedly attempted to transport items from a relative to Christian Eppinger and communicated with him on an impermissibly obtained cell phone and Instagram. Stanley was accused of acting recklessly, breaking her oath of office, conspiring to commit a crime, and impeding the capture or punishment of a criminal.

This Case In NUTS

The seizure was required since it is claimed that Eppinger used Instagram to contact Stanley while using his lawyer’s laptop.

Additionally, Judge Glanville has mandated that all defendants in the YSL RICO trial are only permitted to use their attorneys’ laptops for the purpose of reviewing court records and other evidence. Despite this, all defendants have been using them since January of this year. So it is against Judge Glanville’s rules to use Instagram to communicate with an unlawful partner.

According to court records obtained by HipHopDX, Johnson filed a request to suppress and dismiss on July 26. He claimed that taking his laptop as evidence would breach the attorney-client privilege.

Again, Johnson defended this in court when Glanville issued his decision, describing it as a “complete violation of the most sacred relationship in our criminal justice system” between lawyers and their clients.

The prosecutor in charge of the case in Gwinnett County, Brandon Delfunt, wasn’t amused by Johnson’s cries. He reminded Judge Glanville of their original purpose for being there.

As for Stanley, she was released on $70,000 bond, according to the outlet.

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