NBA YoungBoy Catches A Break in Firearm Case

NBA YoungBoy Catches A Break in Firearm Case

NBA YoungBoy catches a break and received a partial victory at his court hearing yesterday March, 2nd. The hearing was for his 2020 federal firearms case in which multiple guns were seized.

The court granted one of the two motions presented by YoungBoy’s legal teams. The first motion suppresses -or excludes- evidence via SD Media card, which has images and videos that show the rapper, Kentrell Gauden possessing firearms. 

However, judge Shelly D. Dick of the U.S. District Court Middle District of Louisiana denied the motion to suppress the firearms evidence that was gathered when YoungBoy was arrested in September 2020. Moreover, when the rapper was arrested two years ago, drug charges were also filed against him. 

NBA YoungBoy Catches a Break

YoungBoy was arrested by Baton Rouge Police Department while shooting a video. However, the police presence at the NBA YoungBoy shoot was due to them receiving information about folks who were in the neighborhood with firearms. The report reads, “A group of people were on Chippewa Street carrying firearms and filming a rap music video.”

Some of the people present at the scene escaped including the cameraman, Marvin Ramsey. However, Marvin Ramsey was later arrested. At the point of arrest, he was found with a firearm and camera that had an SD card inside it. 

YoungBoy was charged with possession of the firearm his cameraman was carrying. Furthermore, the judge granted warrants for seven vehicles at the scene of the arrest. However, only two of them proved useful for the court hearing: an Acura SUV and a Cadillac SUV. 

Another firearm was found in the Acura SUV while some SD cards, a letter addressed to Ramsey, and firearm magazines for Ramsey’s weapon were found in the Cadillac SUV. 

Don’t forget, NBA YoungBoy is also facing charges for firearms possession in Los Angeles. 

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