Public Enemy Hitch a Ride to Their Show By a Complete Stranger

public enemy 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Sometimes, it’s hard to get a lift, even when you’re a celebrity. Recently, legendary rap group Public Enemy found themselves in a pickle when their cab was running late before their scheduled show in England. Luckily, one fan decided to pick them up and escort them to their show in his Ford Focus.

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“It was very, very surreal,” Wells explained to the Guardian. “We all walked to the car – Flavor Flav, Chuck D and two of their entourage — and they all just piled in. I’m local to Sheffield so I know all the back streets to get there pretty sharpish so I didn’t feel too tense. I knew I could get them there in time.”

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“They were just asking me where I came from and whether I was local to Sheffield. They were saying how amazed they were in England, how close together all the cities are, because they are used to traveling in the [United] States. They said they love that –- though weren’t so big on the weather in England,” he added.

The crew made it 15 minutes before their show and Wells was able to snag a picture with the group, as well. Please make sure to SHARE with your friends.

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