Hit the Quan! iHeartMemphis, aka iLoveMemphis, Interview & Dance Tutorial

It’s hard to keep up with all of the dance crazes that are sweeping into hip hop culture, and there seems to be a new one every day. The latest epidemic is “hitting the Quan,” and lucky for us, we were able to learn from the master, iHeartMemphis, aka iLoveMemphis, and creator of Hit the Quan. Check out our moves as we take the #hitthequanchallenge, and if you love iHeartMemphis, aka iLoveMemphis, like we do, click here for our exclusive interview.

The rising Memphis rapper caught us up on some topics since his hit record, “Hit The Quan,” and dance, has gone viral across the Internet. Tons of celebrities have tried out the choreography, but iLoveMemphis tells us that there were a couple big superstars who really nailed the dance. He even gives us his reaction to Kendrick Lamar hitting the Quan in his “These Walls” video alongside Terry Crews in our interview.
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If you haven’t seen the dance yet, you can either head over to your favorite party spot, or you can learn from our dance tutorial and try it out.
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Either way, you won’t want to resist hitting the Quan after watching these videos. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Want to show your friends how to hit the Quan step-by-step? SHARE this video. And don’t forget to check out iLoveMemphis in our exclusive interview.

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