Smoking Can Cause Schizophrenia


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As according to recent reports smoking, both tobacco and weed, can cause Schizophrenia. Researchers believe that smoking may increase peoples risk of Psychosis. Apparently, based on study published in The Lancet, it suggests that smoking tobacco might be a modest causal factor in psychosis. By completing a meta-analysis of 61 studies, researchers found that 57% of people who were first diagnosed with psychosis were smokers, which the researchers claim implies that — at least in some cases — the smoking came first

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It’s often been thought that people who suffer from schizophrenia are more likely to take up smoking to alleviate some of the distress caused by the condition, helping ease symptoms like impaired thinking and to counter the side effects of anti-psychotic drugs – in effect self-medicating. But that’s not what this study appears to show.

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Although this is a strong claim, researchers can’t confirm this to be 100% true yet.

We can’t say that we have proof that cigarette smoking causes schizophrenia,” said Sir Robin Murray, professor of psychiatric research at King’s. “Indeed it is very difficult to point to any particular factor and say it causes schizophrenia. It is a bit like heart disease – there are a number of risk factors. You inherit some vulnerability and … are exposed to various things which increase the risk to your life.

However, until this claim is proven to be true, we here at HHMW will continue to spark one every now and then, but the minute it does happen to be true…no mas!

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