Swizz Beatz And DMX Back In The Lab, Swizz Says Kanye Is A ‘One Of One’



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In a recent Hip Hop news, Swizz Beatz took to Twitter to announce that he is in fact working on new music with DMX.

 Swizz posted images of himself with former Ruff Rider DMX  in the studio working, followed with his comment,


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Credit: Twitter

“This is The best way to bring in my Bday. I hope everybody have fun now shit about to get real #focused

 @DMX the Great…i don’t care what it takes I’m bringing the DOG Back!!!!!”

Glad to see DMX back to work. The two have a long history and an even longer list of hits. I’m sure whatever they’re working on is nothing less than a classic.

In a recent interview with Sneaker Watch, Swizz spoke openly and sincere concerning his sentiments about fellow super producer Kanye West. “Kanye is to hip hop as Ralph Lauren is to fashion, Kanye West is One of One”  were among the few things proclaimed by the legendary beat maker.

Here’s what Swizz had to say:

Kanye is a genius, ok, Do you understand,he’s misunderstood, he’s a genius. I know what he called me as a producer and that was generous.People know what he called me and I ain’t that yet. I said, ‘I’m gonna work to be work towards being the greatest producer of all time.’ But whatever creation that Kanye does, I respect it because he puts his passion into it, he puts his time into it, he’s dedicated to it. He’s a one of one…He’s the architect that’s misunderstood. He’s the designer that people wish they could. He’s the rapper that’s unspoken but often heard of. He’s the producer that’s 808 greatness. Kanye West is to music like Ralph Lauren is to fashion. It is Ralph. Kanye West is Ralph. He is those lines of design as Dre is to Beats, as Pharrell is to ‘Happy,’ as Swizz is to Ruff Ryder’s anthem. Kanye West is one of one, we will never ever have him again. Let’s love him while he’s here. A lot of people like to speculate and a lot of people like to disrespect ‘cause of his passion. He’s just brave enough to do it. A lot of people go in the closet and wish they could do it. Kanye West is the best of the best. We don’t ever get that twisted.”


Check out the video below.


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