Toxic Alcohol Kills 21 Teenagers in Africa

Toxic Alcohol Kills 21 Teenagers in Africa

Alcohol Kills 21 Teenagers

A story out of South Africa has stunned the world after nearly two dozen teenagers died at a bar. The story broke last month as authorities shared that they found an horrific scene at the Enyobeni Tavern in East London within the Eastern Cape. USA Today reported that upon arrival at the scene, police were shocked to find that most of the victims were lifeless, sprawled across the venue. The victims were all reportedly 13 to 17 years old.

21 teenagers were died in this horrifying incident. Many were found still sitting in their seats, laying on tables, on the club’s floor, or draped over chairs.

How Could This Happen?

Authorities scrambled to find a cause of death over this past week. Initially, it couldn’t be determined if there was any foul play involved. However, it has been speculated that homemade alcohol may have been the culprit. Although results from the medical examiner have been shared, the findings don’t necessarily point to an exact resolution. Methanol is said to have been involved to some capacity.

“Methanol has been detected in all the 21 individuals that were there. However, there is still progressive analysis of the quantitative levels of methanol and whether it could have been the final cause of death,” said Dr. Litha Matiwane, Eastern Cape provincial deputy director for clinical service, according to USA Today.

Methanol is a colorless, odorless liquid. It is not used in the production of alcohol sold for human consumption. It is a “toxic alcohol” that is “used industrially as a solvent, pesticide and alternative fuel source.” It reportedly doesn’t have to be consumed orally to be poisonous. Methanol can enter the body via the lungs, skin, and eyes as well as be digested through the stomach.

Our hearts go out to the famililes of these children involved in this tragedy.

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