Scarface Tops “Greatest Southern Emcee Of All Time” List

Scarface Tops “Greatest Southern Emcee Of All Time” List

Is Houston rapper Scarface the “Greatest Southern Emcee Of All Time?” Well according to a list making it’s way around the internet he is. Brad Jordan, aka Scarface, has been in the rap game since the 80’s. Although we’re not in complete disagreement with this list, it looks like it could’ve been written by a child. Although many of these lists are made to spark debate, putting Big Boi over Andre 3000 on a best emcee list just seems inaccurate; notwithstanding they’re both incredible artist.

As we know, these debates are sparked by someone’s opinion regarding the best artists in the game. This time, we’re taking a look at the “Top 25 Southern Emcees [of] All-time” courtesy of According to Hip Hop.

Take a look at the list in its entirety below, including the #1 spot which sparked the most conversations.

Is This Your Greatest Southern Emcee List ?

  1. Scarface
  2. Lil Wayne
  3. T.I.
  4. Pusha T
  5. J. Cole
  6. Rick Ross
  7. Big Boi
  8. Future
  9. André 3000
  10. Project Pat
  11. Pimp C
  12. MJG
  13. Eightball
  14. Bun B
  15. Cee-Lo Green
  16. Juvenile
  17. Mystikal
  18. Ludacris
  19. Gucci Mane
  20. Curren$y
  21. Big KRIT
  22. 2 Chainz
  23. Quavo
  24. Killer Mike
  25. Pastor Troy (crossed out Jeezy)

These list are hard to even comment on when you don’t know what the exact criteria is. But we believe it is a travesty to not have Andre 3000 in the top 5. And where is Jay Electronica and Cyhi The Prince? These two guys would rap circles around more than half of this list. Some social media users took issue with the word “emcee” being used, as not every rapper is an emcee. However, that was a minor topic of discussion as the list itself created an uproar.

If you are going to use the word emcee, you have to overlook a lot of career accolades and focus a little more on a pure skillset, which would definitely land Mr. Scarface on top of the rest. At the very least he cracks the the top 3!

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