Troy Ave Compares His Coogi Collab To Run-DMC’s Adidas Classic Collab

Troy Ave attends Wrkng Title Fall 2014

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

Troy Ave never lacks in confidence. In an interview with XXL, the Brooklyn based rapper talks about his upcoming campaign with Coogi and compared the collaboration to Run-DMC’s iconic project with Adidas. Check out his full quote below and read the full interview here.

You know I was the first one out here wearing furs. Its been well documented, man. I was wearing furs because I was cold and that kept me warm. I didnt want to wear a bubble coat, but my style is dope boy fresh. Its Troy Ave. Its how we do when you out running around and getting money. You gotta rock the furs. It goes with the Rolex, and the Rolex goes with the Mercedes Benz and just different fly looks like that. I aint with rocking whole leather outfits or stupid shiny sneakers and dumb shit like that. That aint no fashion to me. Thats costume-ish. Thats how the soul singers were dressing in the 60s or the 70s, or like the early rap groups that used to wear the leather jackets with mad spikes and all that crazy shit.

Run-DMC came through and changed the game by wearing Adidas, all black and gold chains, you know what Im saying? Thats who I am. Im like Run-DMC, a newer updated version. I come through wearing what I rock in the streets. When I hit the stage, I aint gotta put on a costume or wear something with shine or some spikes, or a bunch of other buffoonery shit. We aint with that. Over here at BSB Records we stay on deck and we do our own thing. Our fashion sense influences the city, and the city influences the culture when its done right.

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