Tupac Producer Launches Crowdsourcing For New Film

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Gobi RahimiTupac’s former producer, is heading to the big screen to make a film about the prolific artist but needs help from fans. He has created an Indiegogo account, (which is simply another way to raise or “crowdsource” money) for 7Dayz, a film about Pac’s last days spent in a hospital after being shot following a Las Vegas drive-by shooting in 1996. Rahimi’s goal is to raise $500,000, but even if he meets his goal,  he won’t be able to use any of Pac’s music because he doesn’t own the rights. Rahimi said:

I was waiting for Tupac at club 662 in Las Vegas after the Mike Tyson fight on September 7, 1996. Soon after, I was informed by rapper Nate Dogg that Tupac and Suge Knight had been shot and taken to University Hospital. I immediately rushed there to be by Tupac’s side. This was the first of an emotional seven days that I sat guard over Tupac, who was in an induced coma, riding the line between life and death. 7Dayz is the story of my experience at the hospital amidst death threats, undercover FBI informants and an uncooperative Police Department.

If you wish to contribute and see 7Days debut soon, click on the link above.

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