Will 50 Cent be banned from Summer Jam again?

It’s been reported that along with reuniting 4 of the 5 original members of the G Unit and performing alongside Nas, 50 Cent was one of the highlights of the annual NYC Summer Jam Hot 97 Concert. But as we know with 50, the night wouldn’t go wihtout some kinda drama.

Last night, mayhem broke loose during his performance with a report that some members of The Queens Rap Group S.B.O.E, which stands for Slowbucks Over Everything, were assaulted and robbed by 50 Cent’s crew literally while 50 Cent was performing.

Slow posted a picture back in April on Instagram of him along with 50 Cent’s son Marquis and Trav, a former G Unit affiliate turned enemy. 50 Cent left a comment on the picture, “this picture was a bad idea”. And according to what is being said happened at Summer Jam – it certainly was.


It’s been reported that 50 Cent had Slow beat up and relieved of his chain on stage in front of the thousands of people who attended the concert. It’s also been set that not only did they take Slow’s chain but 50 would go on to perform the rest of his set with it on…ouch!

If this is true, let’s just hope it doesn’t continue on and spill into the streets. This could potentially be very dangerous considering 50 Cent has claimed to have raised Slow in the streets of Queens and they were once close friends.

It is ironic that 50 Cents last appearance at Summer Jam was a decade ago in 2004 where he was involved in an altercction where chairs were thrown and multiple fights broke out.

Do you think 50 Cent will be banned from Summer Jam again following last night’s fiasco?

by: Saigon

Check out the video of the reunion below and the scuffle happening in the background!

[youtube clipid=”SQo472wj2ng” autoplay=”0″]

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