Comedian Corey Holcomb Claims Tupac Never Wanted To Be With Jada Pinkett Smith

Comedian Corey Holcomb Claims Tupac Never Wanted To Be With Jada Pinkett Smith

Corey Holcomb shed some light about the relationship between Jada Pinkett-Smith and late rapper Tupac Shakur. Since the Oscars, all types of old footage and documents have been popping up out the blue concerning their relationship. During a recent episode of The Corey Holcomb 5151 Show, the comedian says Jada’s relationship with Tupac was in her own head. 

Was Tupac Really Into Jada Pinkett?

“This whole 2pac thing has gone too far,” he said. “Everybody who saw how 2pac was, why is she acting like 2pac would’ve been with her? 2pac would’ve been said, ‘Look bitch, you ain’t got nothing else to offer but your funky ass.'” He went on to ask rhetorically if she has “ever wondered why they call her bitch.” After being told Jada claimed the two were never intimate, he seemed shocked. 

“She said he ain’t never fucked her?” he asked. “This bitch just ran with an imaginary story to her daughter. I saw that letter her daughter so-called wrote. I’m like, ‘What an awful person.’ You poisoned your kid’s mind with a man that, if Marcus is right, didn’t even fuck you. Bitch you’re claiming 2pac, you’re just name-dropping.” 

The letter alleged to have been written by Willow Smith has been floating around since this whole fiasco started. In short, in the letter, Willow is supposedly asking Tupac to come make her and her Mom happy, while still being married to Will Smith. 

Wow! Just Wow!

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