Dame Dash says Social Media fuels Hip Hop Violence

Street violence amongst rappers is becoming alarming, especially among the black community. Within the past few years, many rappers have been killed due to street violence. The most recent incident was the murder of Snootie Wild by yet unidentified shooter. Pop Smoke, Drakeo The Ruler, Young Dolph, King Von, Nipsey Hussle, and so on have all been ruthlessly killed.

Giving his point of view, Dame Dash – a respected rap mogul – said most of the conflicts that transpire between rappers are caused by social media and streaming platforms. Dash focused his emphasis on the streaming and social media platforms’ algorithm. 

He had a discussion with Shannon Sharpe when he made his view known. “It’s an algorithm that needs to be stopped,” Dame said. “If you like to look at trolling and beef and it pops up on your phone. The algorithms are what’s controlling us right now … It’s a program, it’s knowing how to trigger people and it’s profitable [from] our dysfunction.”

Is Dame Correct ?

Stating further, Dame said to curtail the problem, streaming platforms like YouTube and others as well as individuals who make use of such platforms have roles to play. 

“YouTube should stop paying when people put up beef,” Dame exclaimed. “Instead of people paying attention to a negative algorithm, they should pay attention to a positive one. It’s just the program that we keep falling into … What needs to be profitable is our love and our unity, and that’s what has to be showcased. But no one shows that.”

Dame said further wondering how folks will be killing one another instead of fighting their real enemies, “Family killing family instead of your real enemy is your real enemy tricking you to do that. And we’re aware of it, but we keep doing it. My rule of thumb is: I’m not hurting anybody with the same color skin as me, period.”

Does Social Media fuel Violence?

New York is one of the places where rap beef happens often. This has led to rising rappers’ death in 2022 such as T dott Woo, CHII WVTTZ, and Nas Blixky.  

New York City Mayor Eric Adams also echoes the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records view. Adam agreed that streaming platforms and individuals that use the streaming platforms have roles to play to curtain rap beef that leads to street violence and rappers’ death we see happening. 

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