DJ Akademiks VS Megan The Stallion

DJ Akademiks VS Megan The Stallion

Things seemed to heat quickly between the most hated, DJ Akademiks, and Hot Girl Megan the Stallion today. AK had provided the internet with some supposed false information about the case involving the alleged shooting of Megan by singer, Tory Lanez. The case was scheduled to start pre trial, but it looks as if this messy situation may have postponed it until April. Megan wasted no time accusing DJ Akademiks of lying, and/or spreading false information. After deleting the initial tweet that made the claim, he returned to Twitter to refute her saying he had lied. It’s officially on ya’ll. DJ Akademiks VS Megan The Stallion.

Things would quickly get messy between not only these two, but with Tory Lanez himself who later chimed in. After screenshots were revealed of him apologizing for the incident, Tory took to his social media to clarify exactly what he was apologizing for.

This prompted NY rapper Pardison Fontaine, current boyfriend of Megan, to address Tory with a call out of his own. Not wasting a second, Tory again took to his social media to call cap on Pardi insisting they handle it off the internet.

Getting to the bottom of it

What’s not clear in this story are the facts. But, what we do know is were quite tired of this story altogether! If he shot her, he should be held accountable of course. But, we have to wait for due process. Whether Akademiks’s information is valid or not, who knows? But Rolling Stone reporter Nancy Dillon refuted his claims, too.

We will just need to wait and see how this one plays out. As far as Akademiks, he may want to stop arguing with females so much. Not really a good look. He recently verbally attacked YouTuber Tasha K, calling her a bald headed bird. Damn Shame!

Stay tuned for more Hip Hop news. Hopefully not anymore DJ Akademiks VS Megan The Stallion.

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