NBA Youngboy wants all the smoke, Gucci Responds

NBA Youngboy wants all the smoke, Gucci  Responds

Lil Durk recently postponed his new album release date to next month. However, he released a single “AHHH HA” to wet the appetite of his fans. In “AHHH HA,” he subconsciously takes shots at NBA Youngboy, and also his child’s mother, Jania Meshell. Jania Meshell had previously dated the late King Von. Now, NBA Youngboy wants all the smoke.

NBA Youngboy has recently insulted Lil Durk and King Von and is now also reacting unacceptably to alot of other rappers. 

Youngboy just released his new single called “I Hate Youngboy.” In the new single, the Baton Rouge rapper threw jabs at Lil Durk and his girlfriend, India Royale. 

The War Is Still On

“He called me a bi**h, that’s India, that be your ho / Posted with that stick like Indians, they want my soul,” Youngboy raps. Going after King Von, he raps, “Pu**y ni**a dissin’ me, mad about his dead homie.” 

Youngboy didn’t stop with Lil Durk and Von, he also went after Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Boosie Badazz, 21 Savage, and a few others. “Feel like Boosie don’t even like me, bi**h, don’t call my phone,” Youngboy raps.

Concluding the song, Youngboy threw jabs at others artists and areas in the hip-hop industry he doesn’t like such as Apple, YouTube streamers, Chinese Kitty, and so on. 

“Tell Apple I said, “F**k ‘em,” they promote his song (Say, ten, f**k you)/They be hatin’ on Tim and Quando, they act like they wrong (F**k you)/ YouTube streamers, they be d**k-ridin’, don’t react no more (F**k you)/ You f**k with them, don’t f**k with me and that’s just how that go,” raps as he ends the song. 

Gucci Mane however took to his social media and posted a video of him replying to Youngboy. “I would love to know n***a. Okay, you see my wife you can step to me. Imma smoke you. Gucci said. “You know what’s going on with me. Yeah, I ain’t gonna tell nobody not even the police. I don’t believe in none of that s**t. The only thing I believe is don’t tell the police. Soft ass n*gga. It’s the only stuff I believe in too many faults, n***a.”. 

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