HHMW Presents : The Truth & The Troll

HHMW Presents : The Truth & The Troll

Nowadays if you find yourself surfing the internet, you wont know who is telling the truth, and who is trolling. Social Media has given seemingly everyone a voice; and while some people opt to speak the truth, others have taken the opportunity to troll.

If you’re not familiar with the definition of trolling you could find it here. Whether it’s to stir up controversy, garner some attention, or just to people off; internet users have quickly become accustomed to the practice.

The Truth

Some of your favorite artist have even adapted the method of “trolling” as a marketing ploy to roll out their albums and other materials. However, these two characters you meet today will bring some clarity between the difference in telling the “TRUTH” and “TROLLING”!

The Troll

Meet The Truth and The Troll, aka, T&T. I don’t know if these guys are from Fraggle Rock or Sesame Street, but they’ve somehow landed here atHipHopMyWay. At first we didn’t know how to accept them, but we’ve come to like them a lot around here.

You could view the first episode of their new show, T&T: The Truth & The Troll above. To continue to follow the journey of these two; subscribe to the HipHopMyWay’s YouTube page today. Check them out!

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