Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Anxiety Caused By Fame

Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Anxiety Caused By Fame

Nicki Minaj opens up

James Corden and Nicki Minaj cruised and sang while filming a new episode of his hit Carpool Karaoke series. Superstar Nicki Minaj opens up about how she deals with the ills of being in the public eye. She admits has anxiety a lot more since being a mainstay in the public eye. Minaj also opens up about how she manages to cope with it with it. While explaining that she likes to chew ice cubes to alleviate a lot of the anxiety, she reveals what may the source of it.

Minaj stated,  “Every time I’m biting the ice, it’s like taking out the anxiety, like ‘Urghhh!’” she explained after being asked about the habit.

She would go on to elaborate further.

“I think when I was younger, probably, my natural state was to be more confident,” she said. “But I think when you’re a woman and you’re in the public eye all the time, if you’re not careful, you can become less confident because you’re being constantly scrutinized.”

She added,

“I don’t think it’s natural. It’s not natural for a human being to always feel like everyone’s critiquing them. When I first came into the industry, I had this amazing sense of freedom, because nobody gave a shit about what I was doing. I could get away with doing anything and they’re just like, ‘Oh, haha! Nicki Minaj!’

“And then it goes from that to the complete opposite where it’s like, if I blink my eye wrong they’ll have a story made up about why I’ve blinked my eye that way.”

Take A Break From Social Media

Nicki also stated that taking breaks from Social Media is actually a stress reliever. Furthermore, being a Mom to her 1 year old son brings a sense of solace and serenity to her life. 

“Whenever I am off of social media and I take that shit off my phone, I have this enormous sense of peace,” she said. “And then you realize what really matters; the things that you’re thinking about or worrying about, you’re like, ‘Who cares?!’

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