James Harden Responds To Khloe Kardashian Giving Lamar Odom Marriage Second Chance

James Harden Khloe Kardashian

Fans and followers have been trying to get updates on Lamar Odom’s health state since he was checked into a Nevada hospital last week, and fell into a coma. While he has since woken up to his still-legal wife, Khloe Kardashian, by his side, he has been transferred to an L.A. hospital to start recovery, with the reality star having called off their divorce. While the two are giving their marriage a second chance, one person who might be disappointed by the news is James Harden, who has been reportedly dating Khloe since early summer. It’s pretty clear that the two are holding off on any possible romantic future together, as Khloe is sticking by Lamar’s side while he is healed back to health, and working on their marriage.

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Harden took to his Instagram this week, posting up a selfie video of him driving in his car, and it could be a subliminal response to the news about Khloe. Playing Drake and Future’s “Jersey” track, Harden sings along to Future’s verse, which at one point he points at the camera and mouths to the lyrics that say, “Caught the wave, I ain’t surfin/You do what you want when you poppin.” It looks like Harden isn’t phased over Khloe, but who knows if this could just be Harden’s way of turning up on the regular, as he is an avid fan of Future’s.

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