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Imagine being able to sample rare/exotic types of weed for a simple monthly price. Well there’s now a company, The Guild, which is a subscription service that lets you try different weed types at a reasonable monthly price.

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Based out of California the company, which is similar to the Birchbox startup model, will offer up candies, edibles and cannabidiols with low does of THC.

When describing their core user, co-founder Emily Thopre said:

“How do you sell pot to a pothead? You don’t. They already are going to get it,” Thrope says.

She says their target customer is a patient whose “life doesn’t revolve around marijuana,” such as the 60-year-old cancer survivor who has never lit up in her life, or the mother whose 2-year-old son finds relief from his seizures by taking cannabidiol pills.

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Details on where this service will rock out first is undetermined, but rest assured as soon as it’s up, after we subscribe, we’ll be sure to put you on.

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