A Video of Kim and Kanye West’s Most Toxic Moments

A Video of Kim and Kanye West’s Most Toxic Moments

Kanye has given us something to talk about in Hip hop news for months now and it looks like he is not going to be hitting the brakes. The rapper’s marriage has officially come to an end, so a fan took to YouTube to share a compilation video of toxic moments from Kim and Ye’s marriage.

The video shows the Donda rapper and his ex-wife, Kim, having arguments about what she would wear. The viral video has since sparked a conversation about Kanye’s controlling nature! Tracing his action back to the 2019 MET GALA where he didn’t want Kim to Wear an Iconic Nude dress because he thought it was ‘too sexy’. 

Kanye is being accused of wanting his girlfriends to be his play dolls or some sort of real-life mannequins? Phew! Can’t blame the streets for saying this though because looking back, Kanye truly changed everything about Kim Kardashians look. 

First Julia Fox

Fast forward to a few months ago when he dated Uncut Gems star, Julia Fox; everything about Julia’s fashion changed! According to the Uncut Gems actress, Kanye gifted her a room full of clothes when they started dating. 

Throughout their really short 6 weeks of PDA, Julia could be seen dressing up the same way Kim Kardashian has dressed. Is Kanye Obsessed? I think we have answered that question before. 

Then There Was Chaney

Since the little spark between Kanye and Julia quenched, Kanye had been showing off a new muse! Instagram model Chaney Jones is the latest in Kanye’s world of women and fans are tracing the ‘controlling’ pattern of the rapper. 

Since Kanye confirmed the blooming romance between him and Chaney through his since-deleted lopsided Instagram screenshot post, the model has been seen dressing up like Kim Kardashian. Maybe she has received her own hotel suite full of outfits because her recent style proves that Kanye has a hand in styling her. 

Fans are not having it! And Kanye continues to face backlash on every side. For his recently released video with rapper The Game where he buried a Skete Davidson look-alike (sorry, Pete). Kanye is truly walking through the valley of the shadow of 21st-century cancellation. Although he can’t be canceled, we are concerned about these accusations against the hip-hop genius. #prayforKanye. 

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