Nicki Minaj Goes On Tirade Against Black Men

Nicki Minaj Goes On Tirade Against Black Men

Fans of Nicki Minaj were anticipating her appearance on Joe Budden’s Pull Up series, but they got an early appetizer. Rapper and podcaster Joe Budden joined her Instagram Live on Tuesday (8th of March).  The Anaconda rapper was promoting her famed ‘Queen Radio Show’, set to begin on Amazon’s Amp App. 

Riding with the flow of the conversation, she decided to share some of the grievances she has with the Black male population. In short, she boldly told Budden how she felt about Black men who comment about women’s appearances on social media! 

“I’m talking about men that feel the need to comment on women’s bodies and keep saying what they like and what they don’t like,” she yelled. “Who are you?! This ain’t about you!” Obviously, the Young money rapper was pissed. As a result, she continued to spit her truth and Budden could only nod in agreement. 

Next in line to receive their share of Nicki’s evisceration are men who derive joy from laughing at black women. In her own words, “And to the men that get on and laugh about Black women because you’re mad because some Black girl broke your fucking ugly-ass heart, like the podcast clown. I wish the n-gga would’ve tried that with me. This is ‘do not embarrass Black woman season.”


The rapper didn’t stop there, in fact, she was only just beginning as she went on to address men who dare to think they can rate a woman’s look. In the middle of that convo, she brought up ‘Worst day Co-star clarifying that this wasn’t about him. “But all you n-ggas that do that, you can take those ratings and shove it up fucking your assholes.”

Joe Budden surely wasn’t prepared for that Instagram Live. To close her bashing session, she said she wouldn’t let a few rotten bananas change her opinion of the whole bunch. 

Nicki Minaj ENDS Tirade with kind words!

She ended with “Dear Black men, I love you … I appreciate you … You are needed and wanted,” she added. “You are the only men on this planet that, as little boys, you don’t get to be nurtured and treated like a child, like someone’s thing that needs to be loved and hugged and kissed and told that we love you.” “I want to make sure that I let Black men know for the rest of their lives, I’m not one of those. I love you and we need you.”

She closed the day with some good loving words to put ice on heads of those she might’ve offended. We hear ya Nicki!

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