Rapper Saigon and “Belly” Producer Larry Meistrich, Premiering New Movie “Shadows” at Magic Johnson Theatre in Harlem

Rapper Saigon and “Belly” Producer Larry Meistrich, Premiering New Movie “Shadows” at Magic Johnson Theatre in Harlem

Not a stranger to the acting world, rapper Saigon has stepped away from the microphone to dig deeper into a career in acting and producing films. Long ago are the days of the rapper playing the role of himself being managed by Jerry Ferrara, aka Turtle on HBO’s Entourage. This time around Saigon says he is taking acting and film a lot more seriously. “I love to create whether it be music, film or whatever can possibly make people feel good” he stated. “I’m very proud that I was able to team up with guys like Larry, Joe Suba, Charles Godbold and others to make this film a reality.” he added.

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Executive Producer Charles Godbold, Associate Producer/lead actor Saigon

Shadows is a urban horror that takes place on the gritty streets of Harlem, NYC. Marcus Walker, played by rapper Saigon, is a former drug dealer and ex convict who took the life of Clayton Briggs over assumptions that Briggs had snitched. 20 years later, demonic forces seem to be taking out Marcus’ crew one by one. An advance screening of “Shadows” will be held June 27th @ AMC Magic Johnson theatre in Harlem. See trailer below. You can get tickets here https://redcoraltickets.myshopify.com/

Saigon has been very active lately outside of releasing new music. He started a podcast with former foe, Havoc of Mobb Deep, on the super popular Vlad TV Youtube channel. The podcast is ‘Nothin’ is Off The Record’ and he interviews the likes of celebrities along with unknown street legends. His latest interview was with Andrew “Nickel” Robinson. Robinson was sentenced to 66 years for robbing an entire NYC subway train. “I just felt since a lot of rappers get rich telling the stories of real people who endured the pain from their fictitious raps, they should get some shine too,” he concluded.

Nothin’ Is Off The Record Podcast

The worlds of rap music and filmmaking have converged in a remarkable partnership between rapper Saigon and visionary entrepreneur Larry Meistrich. Larry recently launched Red Coral Releasing, a distribution company helping independent film makers follow their dreams. Together, they have championed the artistry and cultural impact of hip-hop, using their respective talents to empower the genre within the realm of film and beyond. We welcome the dynamic collaborations between Saigon and Larry Meistrich, shedding light on their shared vision and the positive influence they have had on the entertainment industry. The two also recently collaborated on a project titled “13th Man Foundation” to help students in under funded neighborhoods.

Shadows premiere June 27th 2023 @ AMC Magic Johnson Theater 9 in Harlem, NYC.

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